Other publications

The publications on this page were not produced or promoted by the Watch Tower Society.

Year Title Size Author
1823 The Even-Tide or Last Triumph

The first book that interpreted Daniel’s “seven times” as 2520 years, from 604 B.C. to 1917 C.E.

2 MB John Aquila Brown
1840 Eschatology Chart

Chronology chart by Adventist founder William Miller, showing the 2520 years as lasting from 677 B.C. to 1843 C.E.

1 MB William Miller
1840 Miller’s Theory Utterly Exploded

with some other essays on the same subject, a critical book about Adventist teachings

5 MB Otis A. Skinner
1859 Tracts on Prophecy

including the chapter “The Three Worlds”, very similar to the book published later by N. H. Barbour and C. T. Russell

7 MB Horace Lorenzo Hastings
1863 The Last Times and the Great Consummation

Chronological book by famous pyramidologist Joseph A. Seiss who influenced Charles Taze Russell

10 MB Joseph A. Seiss
1867 Life and Work at the Great Pyramid

Basic work on pyramidology

68 MB Charles Piazzi Smyth
1870 A Poor Man’s Photography at the Great Pyramid

A discourse delivered before the Edinburgh Photographic Society

1 MB Charles Piazzi Smyth
1872 The Annihilation of the Wicked Scripturally Considered

Book describing God’s judgement

2 MB William McDonald
1873 Present Truth, or, Meat in Due Season

Jonas Wendell was a Second Adventist preacher living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is best remembered as the preacher who rekindled faith in Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Bible Student movement and first editor of the Watchtower magazine (now published by Jehovah’s Witnesses). In this pamphlet, Wendell explains his belief that Christ would return to the earth in 1873. Adjusting the date slightly, Russell later taught that Christ returned invisibly to the earth in 1874.

2 MB Jonas Wendell
1874 History of the Second Advent Message and Mission, Doctrine and People

Wellcome, a member of the Advent Christian branch of Adventists, produced this first general history of the movement that had promoted the belief that the Second Advent of Jesus would take place on October 22, 1844. Though primarily a historical narrative of the Millerite movement and an important source of information about early Adventism, Wellcome’s work also includes much theological discussion.

18 MB Isaac C. Wellcome
1877 A Miracle in Stone or The Great Pyramid of Egypt

Basic work on pyramidology, often quoted by Charles Taze Russell

6 MB Joseph A. Seiss
1877 A Miracle in Stone or The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Text)

Basic work on pyramidology, often quoted by Charles Taze Russell (text only)

1 MB Joseph A. Seiss
1880 Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid

Another basic work on pyramidology

17 MB Joseph A. Seiss
1883 The Imaginary Metrological System of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Critical book on pyramidology

8 MB Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard
1884 New Measures of the Great Pyramid by a New Measurer

Morton Edgar’s copy of this basic work on pyramidology

6 MB Charles Piazzi Smyth
1884 The Theocratic Kingdom of our Lord Jesus, the Christ (Volumes I, III and III)

The book includes numerous references to C. T. Russell and N. H. Barbour; Volume III is dedicated to W. H. Conley, the first president of the Watch Tower Society

65 MB George N. H. Peters
1902 The Earth’s Annular System or The Waters Above the Firmament

The World Record Scientifically Explained
Fourth Edition, 1912

27 MB Isaac N. Vail
1903 A Record of the Debate Between Pastor C. T. Russell and Dr. E. L. Eaton

October 20-25, 1903, Carnegie Hall, Allegheny, PA; Taken from the Gazette articles

1 MB unknown
1903 The Two Babylons

A book that is often quoted to support the claim that all (false) religion comes from Babylon.

31 MB Alexander Hislop
1905 A Word of Warning. Three of the “Blasphemies” of Millennial Dawn.

Tract showing that C. T. Russell is a “false prophet”

1 MB E. B. Hartt
1908 Where are the Dead? 3 MB John Edgar
1908 Russell-White Debate

A Public Discussion between Pastor Charles T. Russell (Millenial Dawn) of Allegheny, Pa., and L. S. White (Christian) of Dallas, Tex. Held at Music Hall, Cincinnatti, O., six nights, beginning February 23 and closing February 28, 1908. Fifth Edition, 1912

1 MB F. L. Rowe
1909-1911 News clippings of Pastor Russell’s sermons 5 MB Charles Taze Russell
1909-1916 News clippings about Pastor Russell from The Brooklyn Eagle 6 MB unknown
1913 Some Facts and More Facts about the Self-Styled “Pastor” Charles T. Russell (of Millenial Dawn Fame)

The history of the Libel Case “Pastor” Russell before the Courts

1 MB J. J. Ross
1914 End of All Kingdoms in 1914 – “Millenial Dawners'” 25 Year Prophecy

From the August 30, 1914 The World Magazine (first page only)

1 MB unknown
1914 Astounding Errors

The prophetic message of the Seventh-Day Adventists and the chronology of Pastor C. T. Russell in the light of history and Bible knowledge

7 MB Aaron Nyman
1914 Sabbath Observance – An Answer to Seventh Day Adventism

A book published by The Covenant Publishing Co.

2 MB unknown
1917-1942 News clippings about Judge Rutherford 7 MB unknown
1917 Facts for Shareholders

Seventh Paper with reference to Harvest Siftings. Published by Watch Tower shareholders to uncover Rutherford’s takeover of the Society.

1 MB unknown
1917 Light After Darkness

Another paper with reference to Harvest Siftings. Published by Watch Tower shareholders to uncover Rutherford’s takeover of the Society.

2 MB unknown
1918 Another Harvest Siftings Reviewed

The author was involved in the schism at Watchtower headquarters in July of 1917 when the majority of the Board of Directors of the Watchtower Society sided against Watch Tower president J. F. Rutherford. Johnson wrote this booklet the next year against both the former Board members and Rutherford, critizing “Rutherfordism” in the Society.

2 MB P. S. L. Johnson
1918 Rutherford vs. the United States Trial

Background material and complete text of 1918 trial of J. F. Rutherford and seven other leaders of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for violating the Espionage Act

43 MB unknown
1919 The Great Pyramid Witness and the Biblical Plan of Salvation

A reply to the 1928 Watchtower articles rejecting pyramidology

2 MB Morton Edgar
1922 The School of The Prophets

Correct Use of the Organs of Speech, with Reading, Breathing and Physical Excercises and A Series of Skeleton Sermons For Use in Public, in Class Meetings and for Private Study, including “Leviticus parallels” for “Tabernacle” study

7 MB J. C. Larent, C. E. Stewart
1923 The Laodicean Messenger – His Life, Works and Character (3rd edition, text)

Memoirs of the Life, Works and Character of That Faithful and Wise Servant of the Most High God (Pastor Russell)

4 MB unknown
1928 Aluminium Poisoning (2nd edition)

A book that has often been quoted in The Golden Age

5 MB Charles Truax Betts
1929 Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn (Second Edition 1929)

Critique of teachings of Charles Taze Russell and J.F. Rutherford. After Russell and Rutherford both failed to make the years go through their hoop, why does the show keep on advertising them?

1 MB B. H. Shadduck
1937 Rutherford Uncovered

A Resume of the Reasons That Lay Behind Jim Brown’s Manifesto (1940 edition). Tract is a reply to Rutherford’s tract Uncovered.

1 MB Richard Felix
1940 Judge – “for four days” – Rutherford

Tract exposing that J. F. Rutherford only was an “Acting Judge” for four days

1 MB Edward L. Curran
1940 “Judge” Rutherford

Booklet printed by the Catholic Truth Society in Britain in 1940 in reply to publicity garnered by J.F. Rutherford’s visit to Britain in 1938 and his lecture Face the Facts. The material in the booklet was originally printed in the Catholic newspaper The Universe.

1 MB H. Thurston
1940 Newspaper reports “Armageddon, Inc”, “Peddlers of Paradise” and “Jehovah’s Travelling Salesmen” 8 MB Stanley High, Jerome Beatty, Bill Davidson
1941 The Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses

A Tract for Religious Tolerance

2 MB American Civil Liberties Union
1943 Jehovah’s Witnesses and the War

A Tract for Religious Tolerance

4 MB American Civil Liberties Union
1959 Into the Light of Christianity

The Basic Doctrines of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Light of Scripture

6 MB William H. Schnell
1968 The Inside Story of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The author spent 15 years as a full-time worker and five years as a Circuit Overseer and was imprisoned for following the Witness’ teaching against military service. Written without bitterness, the book gives an overview of Jehovah’s Witnesses and discusses why people join the movement and why some leave the movement.

4 MB W. C. Stevenson
1969 Millions Now Living Will Never Die

A Study of Jehovah’s Witnesses

5 MB Alan Rogerson
1970 Apostles of Denial

An examination and exposé of the history, doctrines and claims of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

15 MB Edmond Charles Gruss
1979 The Gospel according to Jehovah’s Witnesses

This book faces up to the difficult task of pursuing the Witnesses’ defensive arguments to the last Scriptural text.

4 MB John Francis Coffey
1985 I Am A Witness

Testimony tract by Leonard and Marjorie Chretien. The Chretiens were Jehovah’s Witnesses for 22 years and are the authors of the book Witnesses of Jehovah and producers of the film by the same name.

1 MB Leonard & Marjorie Chretien
1987 Insights Into the Watchtower Society

Christian response to Jehovah’s Witnesses

1 MB unknown
1988 Witnesses of Jehovah – A Shocking Exposé of What Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe

This book provides documentation for the movie Witnesses of Jehovah

7 MB Leonard & Marjorie Chretien
2009 How to Respond to the Jehovah’s Witness’ Publication “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” 1 MB Wilbur Lingle

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